Glass sink for the bathroom: varieties and peculiarities.

Glass sink for the bathroom: varieties and peculiarities.

The sink is an integral part of the bathroom. Nowadays, the sink is not only a sanitary ware, but also an important interior element.

One of the perfect and unusual solutions for your bathroom will be the selection of a glass sink. This sink looks luxurious and elegant. This is a pretty stylish and distinctive attribute, which is suitable for both classical and modern styles. One of the advantages of such sinks is that they are made of glass at least 12 mm thick, which indicates their reliability and safety.

Glass itself gives a feeling of lightness, airiness, freedom. Such sinks will be primarily useful in small bathrooms.

There are several varieties of glass shells:


  • Hanging sinks. There is no better option for small bathrooms. Such sinks are fixed in a special way, so that the space under the sink remains free and the room seems spacious.
  • Mounted sinks. A practical option. Saves enough space. Such sinks are built in the furniture or installed on a special surface.
  • Glass sinks on supports. A rather original bathroom solution, which definitely adds a touch to the interior. Characterized by a long service life.
  • Corner sinks. They often saves space, occupying unused space in the corner. Such sinks are suitable even for extremely small bathrooms.


The main advantage of corner sinks is that they can be either very miniature in size or in standard sizes and can be placed in any bathroom.

These sinks look very original and elegant.

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