PASCAL Bathroom Furniture Set

PASCAL Bathroom Furniture Set

Countertop sink options:

Possible colors of furniture:

Possible options for processing the surface of glass sinks and countertops:

Glass care instructions
  • The facade and side parts of the furniture are made of high-quality painted MDF;
  • The model is available in sizes of  700 mm, 900 mm and 1100 mm;
  • Available in 3 glossy colours: white, graphite and  bismarck;
  • The model can be equipped with a glass sink or  acrylic stone with a sink;
  • The furniture is complemented by a tall cabinet with the ability to change their content;
  • Retractable boxes have metal walls and mechanisms with adaptive shock absorbers, which provide reliable smooth operation, as well as soft and silent closing;
  • Loops on the doors with the system of fast removal of doors without tools and depreciation mechanism for smooth closing;
  • The vanity unit can be completed with LED backlight;
  • A furniture set can be completed with moisture-resistant mirror with LED backlight, all the versions of mirror with LED backlight can be seen HERE.
  • A furniture set can be completed with a mirror cabinet, all the versions of mirror cabinets can be seen HERE.

Possible sizes of furniture:

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