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The MARSAN brand was founded in 2012 and is the result of cooperation between a young group of designers and manufacturers. The main task is to produce functionally and visually impeccable reasonably priced bathroom furniture. The furniture is manufactured on high-tech equipment using 3D programming machines. The carcases and facades of the furniture are made of painted MDF with an ideal gloss. For the smooth and reliable operation of cabinets and boxes, the fittings of the leading European manufacturers are used. We were the first among domestic manufacturers who used solid-cast sinks made of glass. The distinguishing feature of our furniture is an exquisite and unique design that allows it to stand out from its competitors and become the finest jewel of your bathroom.

Our Products

Lux Series Bathroom Furniture

Exquisite and unique furniture for a luxurious bathroom

Standard series bathroom furniture

Modern, stylish and diverse bathroom furniture!

Acrylic Stone Bathroom Furniture

Stylish furniture for a luxurious bathroom.

Console, Wall-Mount Bracket and Vanity Unit Sink

Practical and high-quality сonsole, wall-mount bracket and vanity unit sink for a modern bathroom.

Mirror cabinets

Actual, practical and functional element of the bathroom.

LED mirrors

Spectacular and extraordinary mirrors for a modern bathroom.



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With this purpose, we are constantly improving the technological processes of the bathroom furniture manufacturing and are looking for ways to increasingly meet your needs. We strive to establish effective feedback with our customers. Therefore, your feedback and opinion are very important to us both before and after the acquisition of our products.

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