How to choose a bathroom mirror fixture?

How to choose a bathroom mirror fixture?

Each of us definitely starts the day in the bathroom, and for sure, looks in the mirror. Our mood depends on what we see in the mirror, and how much we enjoy this picture.

In order for a mirror to show a good undistorted picture of you, it’s not enough just to hang it, it’s necessary to take care of the proper lighting.

First of all, the light must be balanced, the beams should not be directed right into the eyes. A very good option is lighting that can be adjusted,  since in the morning we need more light for shaving or applying makeup. But in the evening, when the eyes are already tired, bright lighting will be of no use. And it’s very cool, if you are able to dim the light.

It is not recommended to install conventional light bulbs and fixtures in the bathroom. Think about your safety. Special lighting for the bathroom is equipped with a protection against moisture. But even the special bathroom fixtures should not be placed close to water.

Therefore, we recommend that you pay attention to mirrors with LED lighting, as this is the ideal solution for your bathroom.

Recently, this lighting has gained frenzied popularity. This is of no surprise, because the LEDs are 10 times more economical and 50 times more durable than conventional light bulbs. In addition, they are environmental-friendly (do not contain mercury and gas) and fireproof.

A mirror with LED backlight will not only decorate your bathroom, but will visually expand it and also remove shadows and contrasts off the reflection, showing a beautiful image.

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