What material is appropriate for the bathroom furniture?

What material is appropriate for the bathroom furniture?

You have recently moved into a new apartment or house, or maybe just decided to make repairs and change your current bathroom furniture? Selection of furniture for bathrooms requires special attention. Since the bathroom is the most humid room in your home, you should choose the most moisture resistant furniture so that it can last as long as possible.

What materials are most popular for bathroom furniture?

The main materials, the modern bathrooms furniture is manufactured of, are: wood, plastic, stone, glass. Many people are suspicious about wooden materials, as they absorb moisture very much, hence its appearance may deteriorate over time. Truth be told, this statement is fair not about all types of wood, for example, oak furniture will be in use for a very long time. Less expensive materials are usually covered with protective layers of oils and varnish. In this case, you do not have to worry about quality.

Features of bathroom furniture materials


It’s common knowledge that most parts of bathroom furniture are made from MDF. What it is? In English, it stands for a MediumDensityFiberboard. MDF is a fairly cheap material that is characterized by its moisture resistance. It is made by pressing small shavings, which are processed with special substances, and then pressed with the help of so-called “hot pressing” technique. This material is harmless enough and environmentally friendly, more moisture resistant than natural wood and has one more advantage being fungi-resistant. As a decor for MDF, it is widely used lacquer, laminate and decorative films. The use of laminate leads to an improvement in the appearance of the furniture, and also increases its resistance to contamination. The MDF surface is very easy to treat, so the design of the furniture made of this material is diverse. This material quality is very close to a natural tree. And, finally, another advantage of MDF furniture is that it is highly solid, this material is capable of enduring high stress.


In addition to MDF in manufacturing of the bathroom furniture, plastic is used. The furniture made of plastic is universal – it is easy to clean, moisture-resistant and it is quite popular. The majority of manufacturers use plastic, because it enjoys a large sale. By the way, you can decorate the bathroom with plastic panels. Plastic can be any colour you like, so furniture made of material will suit even the most unusual design.


Let’s move on to such materials as glass and natural stone. Glass is primarily moisture-resistant, looking beautiful in any interior, and besides I’s easy to be cleaned – just to use the glass cleaners is enough. The only point worth noting is that glass should be handled with care, it still breakable, so take care not to drop anything heavy on its surface.

Natural stone

And, finally, the furniture made of stone. Its advantage is that it gives a high-status look to your bathroom. This material is much stronger than the glass, it is very durable and convenient in use. There is also a compound stone, an alternative to natural stone, which is now gaining popularity. In all its parameters, it is not inferior to natural stone and looks just as beautiful.

There are enough options of your bathroom furniture. Take care of your choice, if you want the furniture to decorate your bathroom for a long time and to delight your eye. Remember that your choice is purely individual, that it will depend on your personal preferences, the desired design and the price category of the selected material. But in fact, things are no where near as difficult as they seem and everyone who studies this issue in great detail can choose the right furniture.

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