How to choose a bathroom mirror?

How to choose a bathroom mirror?

First of all, you should proceed from the dimensions of your bathroom. If it has a fairly minimal area and it is difficult to find room for the necessary furniture, then the best option for placing the mirror will be above the sink. You should also measure the width of the sink if your option is to hang the mirror over it. A rectangular mirror is often of the same width as the sink or slightly smaller, but there are also bright solutions when the mirror is much larger than the sink itself. If the mirror shape is oval or profiled, then there are almost no restrictions. It is important to feel the proportion, so that the ratio of all objects in the bathroom is harmonious.

If your bathroom is large and spacious, with enough room to let your imagination run wild – then it is safe to place a whole-length mirror there.

But do not forget that in addition to placing the mirror, you still need space in front of it, so that you can have a comfortable look at yourself.

Do not forget about the style and functionality.

It is recommended that you keep to the integral style. Ordinary mirrors in a magnificent luxurious frames are more suitable for the classic style. As a rule, there is no backlight provided n such mirrors.

If the style of your bathroom is closer to contemporary, then there are a dime a dozen of options, depending on your preferences. Mirrors can be either framed or not; heated (it is convenient that after taking a bath, you can look at yourself in a completely clean mirror, not fogged with hot procedures); with built-in backlight (a very good option, because you will not have to strain your eyes when applying make-up, and it’s just simply convenient lighting when taking water procedures); there are also mirrors with a magnifying glass for easy applying make-up and shaving.

It is also quite practical to choose a mirror cabinet (a mirror built into above the sink cabinet). This mirror performs two functions at once – aesthetic and practical, it saves the area of ​​the room and visually expands it.

When the mirror is already chosen, it is worth paying attention to its features. Remember that the bathroom mirror should be moisture-resistant. The integrity of the product should not be compromised. The surface of the mirror should be smooth, without cracks, scratches, bubbles and other mechanical damages.

It doesn’t pay to economize on a mirror for the bathroom buying them in dubious places and of questionable quality.

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