A bathroom mirror: basic types and forms

A bathroom mirror: basic types and forms

These days, a mirror has become an important bathroom attribute. Convenience and comfort are impossible without it.

Besides, this accessory can also be useful, because with the right location of the mirrors in the bathroom you can visually increase the space and make the room look lighter.

In addition to the fact that mirrors can be moisture-resistant or not, they are divided into types, such as:

  • Wall (pretty popular: can be of any shape: round, square, oval, rectangular, triangular, profiled, etc. Such mirrors can be with a frame that will help to emphasize the bathroom decor);
  • Make-up (they are flexible, can be rotated in different directions, depending on the need; they can be round or square, in a holder with stainless steel; they can be mounted on a wall or installed on ordinary stands);
  • Magnifying and panoramic (used to increase the space in the bathroom);
  • Integral (in-furniture mirrors; most often such a mirror is combined with a cabinet or shelf. Such mirrors look especially good in small bathrooms, because this not only saves space but also visually increases it);
  • Stand alone (they are suitable just for large bathrooms, occupy a lot of space and perform only practical functions);
  • Decorative (can be tinted or have different shades; used for interior decoration).


The bathroom mirrors can be either with a backlight or with a pattern, depending on your preferences.

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