How to choose a bathroom vanity unit?

How to choose a bathroom vanity unit?

An under sink storage cabinet is one of the most necessary units of bathroom furniture. Moreover, there is a place for it even in the smallest bathrooms. This, in fact, the most profitable use of the area, as an under sink cabinet performs not only the function of storing things, but it also supports the sink, hides the pipes and decorates the interior

How to choose a vanity unit?

To get started, lets sort out the types of the vanity units:

OVER-THE-TOILET. Ideal for small rooms, as it visually expands the space. Very practical in use and capacious. What is more important, convenient in cleaning – you don’t need to move furniture to wash the floor. In addition, it has a stylish appearance.

FLOOR-STANDING.  To install this design is much easier, because it can easily be put anywhere without fear that the wall can not stand the weight of the vanity unit. We advise you to pay attention to the floor-standing cabinets. These designs are good because the moisture on the floor can do them no harm and they can be placed in the bathroom with an under floor heating system.

When the unit type is determined, the next step is the material from which it is manufactured. The choice should be made exclusively between moisture-resistant models. The MDF under sink storage cabinet can be a decent decision. The material is of a very good quality and is covered with a special moisture-resistant paint.

If you have selected the vanity unit with a colour coating, be sure to check it for any stains and scratches.

Colour scheme

To date, the manufacturers offer a fairly wide range of colours. There is a proper shade for everyone. But do not forget that it would be more appropriate to choose a vanity unit in the same colour scheme with other interior items in the bathroom.

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